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Ofertele standard de produse si servicii sunt oferte standard pentru serviciile sau produsele uzuale ale furnizorilor si in conformitate cu cantitatile soliciatte de acestia ca si comanda minima pentru persoane fizice sau juridice.

Pentru oferte de pret personalizate contactati direct compania iar posibile pentru contractari folositi sistemul GRATUIT de anunturi de intentie de cumparare sau vanzare.
Wood Equipment. Thermo-Laminating Press, membrane or membrane-less operation for vinyl and veneer products; works without hydraulic cylinders. A platen size rubber pressure bag under the lower platen tray inflates and can generate up to 300 PSI pressure. ~~ Single-tray shuttle i..
Wood Equipment. 36 in. x 7 in. Cap., NEWMAN carbide QUIETCUT heads; max. 7 in. & min. 1/8 in. stock thickness, min. 14 in. unbutted material length, 6 in. min. butted material length. ~~ Direct cutterhead motor drives 50 HP - 3,600 RPM top & 30 HP - 3,600 RPM bottom. ~~ Includes:..
Wood equipment. 5-Head
-R-L-T-B), working cap. 9-1/16 in. x 4-3/4 in.. ~~ Head sequence: Bottom 10 HP, right 10 HP, left 10 HP, top 20 HP and bottom 20 HP motor. All spindles and tool holders with electronic Smart
akes. ~~ Moulder includes: Standard spindles on #1 &..
Wood equipment. Single 5` x 12` stationary aluminum table, square grid pattern for fixturing parts, allows use of vacuum pods or closed cell rope gasketing material and spoil-boards fo
nested based machining. ~~ Equipped with: (1) 15 HP Power 2000 Electro spindle w/lifetime ..
Wood equipment. 3,400 x 1,720 x 400 mm Axis strokes; worktable dimension`s are 3,980 x 1,200 mm with usable machining area of 150 in. x 43 in., 250 mm component passage. ~~ (8
Panel supports in X-direction; (3) suction cups for each panel support positioned manually in Y-dir..
Wood Equipment: INDUSTRIAL 3496 & 3550 High Production Complete Finger Joint Plant for the manufacture of flange stock (web truss) and consisting of the following elements: ~~ Lumber Hoist (Dumpe
with infeed (24`). ~~ Un-scrambler System. ~~ Defecting Table (Infeed to FJ). ~..
Wood Equipment. Platen (lowe
dimensions: 67 in. x 110" (1,700 x 2,800 mm), Loading on 67 in. side, automatic shuttle feed with (2) shuttle tables; 12 in. max. adjustable daylight, 2 in. max. workpiece thickness. ~ (6) Downstroke hydraulic cylinders ..
Wood Equipment. Complete Rip and Crosscut System including: 5-Belt unscrambler, 5-chain board dealer into ripsaw lumber scanner. ~~ Scanner checks fo
oard width-and-taper and places the incoming board onto a right angle transfer/feed table which allows the board to enter the..
Wood Equipment. 177 in. (4,500 mm) Overall cutting length, 5-1/2 in. (140 mm) max. saw blade projection; 25 HP main motor w/pneumatic saw blade quick-change system. ~ 3 HP Separate scoring motor, 13.7 in. dia. - 4,500 RPM main & 7.8 in. dia. - 7,200 RPM scoring blade ..